5 Tips for Kick-Ass Kickstarter Video Production

Now that crowdfunding has moved beyond a mere trendy little buzzword to an actual, redefining-the-market, fundraising model, it feels like there are kickstarter campaigns everywhere. And because explainer videos, product videos, and other online marketing videos have proven their power as simple, clean, and cost-effective advertising mediums on the web, there’s no shortage of corresponding kickstarter videos either.

Standing out amidst the loud and colorful worldwide webspace is already difficult. Drawing attention to your fundraising campaign? Nigh impossible, unless you know what you’re doing.

Fortunately, this is something that can be learned. If you’re keen on releasing a kickstarter video to complement your crowdfunding campaign, here are five things to keep in mind:


You’re not selling your idea to computers, coders, or – surprisingly! – even businessmen. You’re selling it to human beings. Ergo, treat them as such. Do not talk AT your audience; talk to them. Talk to the camera is if you were talking to someone new; be open, be raw, be friendly, and – most importantly – be relatable. Consumers are more likely to believe someone who says ‘I know what it’s like, I’ve been there myself, here’s what I did’ rather than someone who just goes in for the kill and says ‘my product can fix your problem.’


Don’t put up a front and say false statements you can’t back up. And don’t be too scripted either. People are attracted to smooth, fast-talking confidence, but they empathize more with honest, raw emotions. If the spokesperson can laugh at himself, flail a little, and just generally act human – instead of some too-polished CEO – he can leave more of a positive impression.


Especially if it’s your first crowdfunding campaign. It’s better to set the bar low and have a higher shot at reaching it (and going beyond it, even!), instead of setting it a little too high and coming up empty. Matt Hornbuckle – who launched a Kickstarter video production project for Stantt (a men’s shirts line) – swears by the lower number, saying that people were more likely to click on a campaign at 200% of its goal (he calls it the intrigue factor) instead of a project at 97%.


Who doesn’t love stories? Their solid structure – beginning, middle, end – gives viewers an easy-to-digest snapshot of who you are and what you’re trying to build. You can tell them your personal story – where you started and what prompted you to launch your project – or you can build a for-instance story using your product. Everyone loves a good story, and using one will guarantee that almost all viewers will watch the video to the end.


Kickstarter video production is only half of the campaign. You can’t just post your video on the platform and expect pledges to happen overnight. You need a smart social media strategy to go with it. Get out there and link people back to your project. Let your contacts know you’re starting something, and you’d love for them to watch the video to form their own opinion. When people ask questions on your kickstarter or social media pages, answer them. Being as active as possible will assure contributors that they’re not sinking their money in a dead dud of a campaign.

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