5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Los Angeles Videographer

Event videographers represent yet another career choice that is slowly gaining popularity. Whether it’s for small shindigs or considerably large weddings, people are starting to realize that ditching their handheld cameras and opting for professional recording might be the smarter option. Because of that, videographers are now a dime a dozen. When hunting for the best Los Angeles videographer for your event, here are five things you should probably consider beforehand.

Does Their Style Match Your Vibe?

Videography is defined as “the process or art of making video films.” Event videographers may just be there to creatively capture the moments on camera, but rest assured they’ll be adding their own personal touch to it. Different videographers have certain distinct styles, and you’ll see it when you review their portfolios. Choose a Los Angeles videographer that seems best suited to capture your event. Some videographers are even event-specific—like wedding videographers, for instance—which may make your selection easier.

Are They Flexible?

If their style doesn’t quite fit the energy or vibe you were looking for, how willing are they to adjust? If their previous works are all bright, colorful, and loud, are they capable of toning down the saturation and the tints to match your quieter, more formal event? If they specialize in big events (i.e., weddings or galas), how well can they handle the transition to a smaller event—and vice-versa? If they’re used to working solo, how well can they get along with another photographer or cinematographer (in case you’ve already hired one)?

Are They Upfront About Their Fees?

Transparency is crucial. Hiring a videographer is a worthwhile expense, but you need to make sure you’re getting what you paid for. This means actually knowing what their fees cover. Any Los Angeles videographer that can’t justify his or her charges may be trying to squeeze more out of a project than it’s worth. A good way to guard against this is to shop around. It may take a little extra legwork, but gathering quotes and comparing prices is a good way to get the most bang for your buck. Most videographers are pretty happy to give a rough quote over the phone or in person. Those who don’t might not be worth considering.

How’s Their Experience?

Bridal Guide quotes Julie Hill of Elysium Productions regarding a videographer’s experience. In this case, she may be referring specifically to wedding videographers, but the point is valid for all. Live events are basically situations with “no set-ups or second takes,” which is why you “need to make sure your filmmaker is prepared for anything.” Seasoned videographers possess the kind of quick, on-your-feet thinking that basically assures you all important moments will be captured from all the best possible angles. Yes, it’s always good to give the new guys a chance, but you want to find the balance between experience and fresh perspective.

How Will They Manage Their Equipment?

Jono Tucker Photography suggests that brides ask their videographers beforehand if they’ll be using additional lights during the reception and whether or not these lights can be dimmed. They also recommend asking about camera numbers, operators, and other tech.

Again, this isn’t specific to weddings. Whether you’re hiring one Los Angeles videographer or several for small or large events, you’ll want to know what they’re bringing and where they’ll be putting it. Establish clear communication with them; will they be bringing a lighting kit, or are the lights at the venue sufficient? Are there any pieces of tech—like boom mics, speakers, or tripods—that need a significant amount of room? How unobtrusive will the equipment be?

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