5 Proven Techniques for Choosing the Perfect Angle from Brandefy, a Los Angeles Video Production Company

When it pertains to creating an effective advertisement, angles are critical. Angles can be utilized to emphasize various components of a tale or to zoom in on a particular aspect of a product. Directors employ a variety of angles to provide the best experience for their viewers, and in the instance of advertising, to provide the greatest view of their product.

With so much to consider, it’s difficult to determine which angles to use to promote your product most effectively. If you’re at a loss for where to begin, Brandefy, a Los Angeles video production company, offers five essential recommendations for identifying your product’s winning angles.

Take your product into consideration.

Before even touching a camera, evaluate the product you’re advertising. If you’re attempting to sell a pair of brightly colored trainers, your advertisement should be more engaging. With a high-angle shot of the trainers, you can separate them from the rest of the setting and draw attention to their unique features. If you’re selling eyewear, you can use an eye-level angle to put the emphasis on the wearer’s eyes, making the spectacles take up the entire screen.

Consider your script.

Think about the narrative you’re telling about your product to get people to buy it. If your product is a car, you might show a sequence of car chases from a bird’s eye view with an extreme long shot to demonstrate the power the driver has over the vehicle.

Alternatively, you may use a story about enthusiasm and vivacity to highlight its appearance. In this scenario, a bird’s eye view would reveal less of what you desire than a high angle, which would reveal more of your car’s features.

Understand your angles.

Each angle has distinct advantages, and it is up to you to determine which is the perfect fit for your product. Angles can be classified by their field of view, horizontal or vertical location, or camera level. Whilst a viewpoint may be more suitable for highlighting one feature, another may be more suitable for highlighting another.

Switch viewpoints.

If you want to showcase your product as much as possible, you can shift your viewpoint several times to emphasize different features. By moving to different angles, you can ensure you catch the details you need to best market your product, no matter what it is. Take into account, however, that moving perspectives too frequently might become unsettling and can not offer a potential customer adequate time to observe essential details of your product.


It can be difficult to choose which angle best showcases your product. Some individuals are more engaged in one feature of a product, while others may be entirely focused on another. By experimenting with your filmmaking, you may stumble across scenarios you would never have considered using.


There are numerous methods to incorporate angles into your product videography in order to highlight the best features of your product. Experiment with different video perspectives to create more compelling views that draw attention to your merchandise.

If you’re looking for expert assistance in creating product videos, Brandefy is here to assist. We are a Los Angeles video production company that offers a variety of services to fulfill all of your digital content production needs within your budget.

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