5 Common Story Types To Try Out For Your Next Project With A Video Production Company

Storytelling is one of the most creative skills you can learn out there. With the right practice, platform, and performance, you may be able to positively impact your community and, quite possibly, bring more good into the world. Here are a few common story types you may consider when you decide to share your story by working with a video production company:

The Origin Story

Everyone loves a good story, especially if it’s told by a creative storyteller. Let your audience know how you’ve built your company from the very beginning. Take them on a journey and give them sneak peeks of the challenges you’ve conquered that ultimately brought you to where you are today. 

The Impact Story

While there’s always room to grow and do more, there’s no harm in being proud of what you’ve accomplished so far. Show your viewers all the good you’ve done in the world and create an Impact Story that truly emphasizes your brands value. Plus, this can also double as your non-profit or company’s testimonial video. 

The Vision Story

Once you’ve established your presence with your origin and impact stories, it’s time to lay the groundwork of your future with your Vision Story. This also serves as an added source of motivation for your team, business partners or volunteers. You can even use this as a reference for your future success story.

The Objections Story

This type of story is more commonly found in sales and corporate videos where companies are pushed to make more critical decisions when dealing with their clients’ concerns. Consider taking the objections you’re given as lessons and points for improvement for your succeeding projects. Remember, while you can’t please everyone, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to feedback from those that disagree with you.

The Teaching Story

Depending on how long you’ve been in your industry, you may have picked up a couple of lessons along the way. Why not share what you’ve learned with a Teaching Story and show the world what you’re capable of. You can even take this as the perfect opportunity to emotionally connect with your viewers.

Keep in mind that all the ups and downs you’ve experienced has brought you to this very moment in time. After all, every brand is a story in itself. Are you ready to get out there and share your story with interested viewers? You may want to contact a video production company to finalize important details and get started.

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