4 Ways Los Angeles Video Marketing Impacts Content Marketing in 2017

Content marketing is both powerful and tested. Marketers who are well-versed in both online and traditional formats know that content marketing yields greater compounded returns over time. Video marketing is yet another format that’s proven itself efficient and highly effective. Combining the two can be tricky, but the payoff is well worth the pain. Here’s how Los Angeles video marketing can actually boost content marketing—rather than rival it—in 2017.

Boosts Email Marketing

Adding a video to your email greatly increases your click-through and open rates. This is a fact. According to eMarketer, those who used video in their email campaign saw real returns. 55% saw a higher click-through rate on their emails while another 44% reported an increase in the amount of time subscribers spent reading the email. In terms of content sharing, 41% who used videos said there was a marked increase in emails forwarded.

Data-Driven and Measurable

Because of the level of engagement it incites in the viewers, it’s easy to get measurable feedback through video. The views give you an idea of how much traffic you’re getting to your video and how many are staying for more than five, ten seconds. The “likes” or ratings tell you how well your concept and execution matched up. The comments section is a great way to get details, like exactly what your audience enjoyed about your video and how they got there in the first place.

Los Angeles video marketing gives results that are both data-driven and measurable, making it easier to tweak and adjust your current or upcoming marketing campaign. Visual content generally delivers the same result, but according to this infographic from Contently, via Forbes, most of consumer internet traffic is video.

Integrates Well With Social Media Marketing

Part of what makes Los Angeles video marketing so effective is the fact that videos can be embedded, uploaded, and shared via virtually any platform. Uploading a video to YouTube means you can embed it through just about any script, whether HTML or otherwise. You can also share it through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger, Tumblr, and a half dozen other applications. You can also link back to the YouTube video via the direct URL, which means any website that supports links is another avenue for you to spread it.

Forbes contributor Brian Sutter writes that video is “so core to the internet experience” that “entire platforms have evolved from the format.” He then lists YouTube, Snapchat, Vine (while it still existed), and Facebook Live. He names it a “megatrend,” saying it’s almost as big as mobile.

And speaking of mobile…

Optimized For Mobile

Over the past two years, the amount of time people spent on their PCs and desktops has significantly decreased, according to comScore. Meanwhile, the number of users accessing content from their mobile devices has shot up. Every website that knows what’s up has a corresponding downloadable app, and those that don’t are missing out. After all, “mobile is arguably the closest you can get to the consumer,” and there is no other device as “personal and pervasive.

It should come as no surprise then that part of what makes Los Angeles video marketing so successful is how easily it’s integrated into the mobile format. As we mentioned earlier, entire platforms have evolved just for video sharing and uploading. If you haven’t heard of Instagram, Snapchat, or Periscope, then you’ve probably been living under a rock.

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