4 Ways a Corporate Video Production Company Adds Value

One thing is certain in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape: while the corporate video may come and go, it will always be a steady source of income for professionals working in a video production company. However, as the sector changes and corporate clients seek greater value, there may be “up” and “down” periods for many.

Here are five strategies to give (and ideally obtain) more value for the money to your projects so that you can secure new clients or get larger returns from current ones.

Solution-Oriented Pitching Rather than Video-Oriented Pitching

An effective customer connection requires time spent with the client and independent research into the client’s industry. If the client is reasonably big and the work opportunities are sufficient, you can consider working on a retainer basis for year-round revenue. The greatest corporate video production businesses aren’t necessarily those that create the best videos; rather, they are those that deliver the best solutions.

Include Social Packages as Part of Your Deliverables

Adding more social packages to your deliverables is a great way to increase your revenue as a video producer. This is most effective for one-off video tasks, such as creating a video for a company’s website or covering one of their events. If they request only one video, you can always consider incorporating other social clips.

Consider Putting Clients in a Single Group

This won’t work for everyone, but if you’re part of a client network or group, it may be a viable option. As an example, an established business may have access to 20 or 30 customers with similar business sizes and industries who may all benefit from a typical landing page video.

However, if you offered a joint project where you could set up shop at a base site and invite representatives from each company to visit, you could knock out numerous videos at once more quickly and cost-effectively.

Push on Your Own Channels

Establishing a strong online brand is critical for corporate and commercial video success, and it can be a tremendous help in getting your work seen by the right people. There is no harm in repurposing the material you create for your clients and re-posting it on your own channels as well! You can always include them in your demo reels, but promoting their Facebook and social media postings with yours will give them a lift and allow you to show off some of your previous work.

Final Thoughts

Your company’s narrative is critical to its success. Getting customers and prospects to pay attention to your brand helps you create leads, recruit top talent, improve your reputation, and grow your business by making your company more marketable. Brandefy‘s team of highly trained professionals ensures that nothing is overlooked during the video creation process. As a leading video production company in Los Angeles, we can assist you in telling your company’s narrative in a way that connects stakeholders and satisfies your customers. Get in touch with us today!

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