4 Viral Elements to include in your Video Production Campaign

We are living in a viral-video world. Nobody should be surprised by this. Because video has both visual and audio components, it blends the finest features of other digital media into a highly shareable marketing solution. That is why, more often than not, when a piece of digital content hits social media by storm and goes viral, it is likely to be a video. But why does video content become viral in the first place?

To help you understand the science behind viral marketing, here are several video production points to keep in mind when trying to achieve virality:

Emotional Response

Most people believe that humor motivates people to share, yet it is a difficult reaction to pin down, and it is also sensitive to cultural differences. To ensure that the video content resonates, brands should attempt to elicit many favorable responses—the greater the emotion, the better. While this can be challenging, producing something relatable is always the most effective way to get people to share your video.

Eye-catching Headlines

There is a reason why controversial video content headlines continually captivate our attention. They are catchy, but they are also contentious. While many companies do not benefit from controversy, the amount of attention that a video may get is boundless. Moreover, it is important to demonstrate creativity when creating videos related to controversial or trending topics on the internet. Make sure that the results are beneficial instead of damaging. One way to ensure this is to consider all the possible risks when producing the video.


Engagement is one of the cornerstones of virality. Engaging an audience can result in increased loyalty and genuine interest. Everyone wants to be noticed, after all. Old Spice, for example, has adopted this method in numerous of its ad campaigns. Search for topics that will motivate and engage your viewers. Audiences adore a great inspiring narrative, and the more inspiring it is, the more likely they will want to tell others about it.

Helpful Information

Your target audience is continuously on the lookout for fresh information and improved ways to do routine activities. If your video material is entertaining and educational, it will be widely shared. Everyone wants to learn something new, and videos may be a useful method for obtaining high-quality knowledge.

It is not simple to make viral videos; if it were, every company would be doing it. In the end, it all boils down to the quality of your video production material and marketing efforts to increase your chances of becoming viral.

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