4 Simple Tips for Better Corporate Video Production

For many of us, corporate video production entails filming and editing corporate videos. While working with brands and individuals, you’re enabling them to share important messages they might not otherwise be able to do so. Watching customers see themselves for the first time in a new light on television is a rewarding experience.

However, not all of them will be worthwhile endeavors. You can’t escape experiencing some highs and lows along the way. Whether you’ve been shooting for years or this is your first time, here are some pointers to keep in mind for your next production.

Prepare for Interviews by Writing a Plan in Advance

Take advantage of every opportunity to get the best talking points when filming talking head interviews. Get everything done ahead of time and write out what you wish your subjects to say. You can then go back and forth with the client until everything is just fine. You can still perform a conversational chat, but with the assurance that you will be able to guide your subject to an agreed-upon (and, hopefully, practiced) soundbite with which you will be able to work.

To Get the Best Shot, Use Two Cameras

You’ll have a lot more post-processing options with a two-camera setup. One camera can capture the greatest parts of all their answers, but you’ll lose the awkward fillers and dead air if you use two. You’ll be a hero in their eyes if you can turn a stuttering, anxious wreck into a confident, articulate businessperson by the time they see the final product.

Pack an Extra Set of Clothes

Our advice to clients while they were working with a video production business was to carry two extra clothes and two extra ties to the shoot. Without a wardrobe department (if you do, congrats!), you’ll have to be ready for subjects who come up in attire that doesn’t look well on camera. Always look for moiré patterns or off-putting hues on the clothes.

Make It Enjoyable

It’s inevitable that people will be uneasy, nervous, and even a little fearful of being on camera. Getting your subjects to relax and become engaged is the first step in every video shoot. Begin by asking them simple and well-known questions, and then tell a joke to lighten the mood. As long as you can make them feel at ease with you and all of the flashy equipment, you’ll have a successful session.


Corporate video production is an exhilarating experience in which we collaborate openly and easily with our customers in order to create the best possible results for all stakeholders. Simply put, we enjoy producing corporate video!

If you require assistance in developing corporate content that is designed to intrigue, persuade, and engage, you know who to contact. Brandefy‘s extensive expertise in the corporate video production process enables us to assist you from start to end. Contact us today – we’re eager to hear from you!

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