3 Ways to Boost Utilize Instagram for Los Angeles Video Marketing

Although one would argue that social media marketing and Los Angeles video marketing are two very different things, there’s no denying that the latter integrates quite seamlessly with the former. As far as social media marketing is concerned, using videos as regular or semi-regular content can be a pretty solid strategy. And while there are multiple social media platforms available to host your marketing videos on, our focus this week is on utilizing Instagram’s different features to build brand presence and boost consumer following.

Using Instagram Stories for Marketing

Instagram first introduced Instagram Stories late 2016. Similar to Snapchat Stories, this feature allows Instagram users to post multiple photos and videos to their feed in a slideshow format. These stories disappear after 24 hours.

While this is arguably not an original concept, Instagram Stories still have the strong potential to drive video views and boost a brand’s online presence through several benefits. One of these is the fact that users can post bulk content in a compressed, easy-to-access format instead of multiple individual posts. This keeps everything neat and organized, and it eliminates the possibility of users unfollowing you due to you cluttering up their feed.

Whereas Los Angeles video production is for marketing videos that last, the other winning aspect of Instagram Stories is that they’re temporary—and therefore more likely to be viewed by interested parties. As Andrew Wilson from Southerly puts it, “there is long-term value in short-term content.” The fleetingness of the images and videos posted makes it imperative that people watch it now, because later is no longer an option for them.

Utilizing this feature can give you more interaction and engagement with your viewers as it encourages them to access your post immediately. Tubular Insights recommends using stories to cover live events hosted by or related to your company. Alternatively, you could use stories to highlight pertinent parts of your day—like bulk shipping out orders, for instance, or a camera-worthy event at the office.

Familiarize Yourself with Instagram Culture

Images and videos work best on Instagram due largely to the fact that Instagram itself is a very visual platform. It features content that is both visually engaging and easily digestible, which is why it’s one of the best networks for brand building. In order for you to get the most out of your Los Angeles video marketing campaign on Instagram, you need to familiarize yourself with the culture and structure of Instagram content.

Instagram videos are automatically muted once they start playing. They’re also only 60 seconds long, which is useful for quick feature videos or video teasers. Longer videos might not be as engaging and would be better left on YouTube.

To give you an example, dancers often post videos of their original choreography to Instagram. They then post the tutorial for that choreography to YouTube, in case any interested viewers want to learn. Why? Because choreography videos can be compressed to less than sixty seconds, and they’re audio-visually engaging from start to finish. Tutorial videos, on the other hand, can run as long as fifteen to twenty minutes. Furthermore, they’re meant to be instructive, not aesthetically pleasing.

Most brands make the mistake of forgetting that different platforms cater to different interests and different users. You need to fully optimize your video for Instagram to maximize views and engagement. Use professional video editing services if you must; simply re-uploading or sharing a video from your other social media platforms won’t cut it.

Master Hashtags

While there’s not much use for text on a site that is wholly focused on visual aesthetics (in fact, long-winded descriptions may do your post more harm than good), it’s worth investing in the art of the hashtags. This is how people who don’t follow you are going to find your videos. Using them effectively is key to successful Instagram marketing.

Some tips for smart tagging is to keep your hashtags focused. As is true with Los Angeles video marketing on any platform, specificity is best when tagging your content. You also need to be selective. If your post has about thirty hashtags, it suggests a lack of direction or—worse—a hack to get more likes/followers. Try to whittle your selection down to only the most relevant.

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