In life, there’s bound to be a payoff. You can’t have the good without the bad, or so they say, and the same rings true for video. We already know that video is the current darling of media and marketing. Vidyard stresses that video is not “a tactic to be taken lightly,” while Huffington was already pushing for brands to incorporate videos as early as 2014. A great video can boost your sales like nothing else, but a bad video may actually be highly detrimental to your business. This is why for those located in Long Beach, selecting a Long Beach video production company is crucial.

Low Quality Videos Tend To Be Treated As Jokes

Owing to the fact that technology’s come pretty far over the last two decades or so, high-tech and industrial-grade equipment is not as inaccessible as it used to be. Even a college student can own a decent camera and lighting kit if they’re willing to shell out the money for it. Just take a look at YouTube; YouTubers who are barely pushing 20 can release gorgeously crisp videos that are clean and well-edited every week.

Ergo, it’s laughable when supposedly professional production companies can’t do the same. Videos that are grainy, unsteady (and not on purpose) and shot in low light instantly make viewers think of budget productions. Couple that with horribly amateurish effects (like badly-done green screening, for instance, or Comic Sans fonts) and viewers won’t feel particularly compelled to take your video seriously. While it’s always best to keep your budget in mind, choosing a Long Beach video production company based solely on price and not on experience, tech, or talent can end up costing you.

Videos That Are Too Sales-y Can Turn People Away

Broadcast2World points out that the best thing behind web and explainer videos is how they get your message across in an entertaining, creative, and memorable way. This means that “you don’t have to be too pushy to get the sale.” In fact, being sales-y in your video can have the opposite effect. People relate pushy salespeople to the stereotypical used car dealer or the travelling salesman—the stigma around them developed for a reason. People don’t like feeling forced to do anything, much less cough up cash for something they’re not even sure they want.

An effective marketing video focuses on how the product or service can help the customer. Emphasizing how much money they save if they buy now or the bonuses you’ll throw in for just an extra dollar brings to mind late night infomercials. They’re effective, but they may not send across the right message about your brand.

Low-Rated Videos Aren’t Given A Chance

Video hosting platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and even Instagram all have metrics to measure the success or popularity of a video. With YouTube, you can check the views and number of likes versus dislikes. In Facebook, a good way to gauge audience reaction is by looking at the number of likes, shares, and comments.

If you upload an admittedly crappy video, you’re going to get an appropriate response. Regardless of interesting thumbnails, people generally tend to ignore a video altogether if it has low views, more dislikes than likes, and no comments. A video with negative engagement will also condition the viewer to subconsciously lower his or her expectations of the video.

If the Long Beach video production company you’re working with gives you a sub-par video, expect a cold reception. It doesn’t matter how well you market the video and how much cross-platform sharing you do to get it out there. If people can see from the views (or lack thereof), comments, and ratings that it isn’t worth watching, very little of them are going to give it a second chance.