3 Trending Types of Videos a Product Videographer Should Know

Thousands of videos are being uploaded on the internet for various purposes, including by brand managers looking to get the word out about their products.. As a product videographer, being able to come up with a stand-out concept could lead you to your big break.

Before you can create your stunning concept, you have to decide first on what type of video will best fit your marketing goals. Once you have that in hand, you’ll be able to know how to play by the rules.

Here are three trending types of videos that could be beneficial to you:

Tip #1: Explainer Videos

This kind of video will tell your viewers more about your business brand, newly released product and services. Like videos with social content, almost any video can be an explainer video and the only requirement is to focus on how your business resolves a significant issue.

Explainer videos are great for a company’s brand introductions. You can convey what your company is doing and why it exists quickly and effectively. Explainers typically end up with an active call for action within the typical length of three minutes, which provides a straightforward solution to the issue you’re tackling.

Tip #2: Commercials

You’ve probably watched a lot of commercials on television, streaming platforms, or online websites like YouTube. They’re the most popular type of content. Ads showcase the best aspects of your company with a dramatic scenario, beautiful images or a rundown of exciting features, as well as a strong call-to-action that can influence your viewers’ buying habits.

Commercial videos demonstrate your brand in a manner that sticks with the audience, so if it’s the first time for the viewing public to be exposed to your product, they will have a hard time forgetting it. As a product videographer, knowing who your target audience is is also an essential aspect that you need to consider when running a commercial video project.

Tip #3: Testimonials

Client testimonials typically last between 30 seconds and two minutes and can concentrate on one or more satisfied people. This type of video is considered the most influential video a business can make. These videos reveal past or current satisfied customers using your service or product and speak about their positive experiences.

A customer’s genuine direct opinion is better than anything you would claim about your own business. Such videos are incredibly versatile, ensuring that you can post them almost anywhere .

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