Effective video marketing is not just about following trends. A large part of it lies in video production. As a marketer, it may be a good idea for you to familiarize yourself with the procedure, to better understand what to expect and what it takes to reach the final product. When working with a Long Beach video production company, there are some things you should remember throughout the production process. Here are the top three:

Match Your Audio To Your Visuals

Of course, the whole point of using audio-visual media for your marketing strategy is that both work better together. However, when it comes to visuals and narration, the most effective way now is to shift your narration to match the visuals. According to Tubular Insights, this is called “writing to video.”

Imagine the opening shot of a video is a pile of books. If the narration starts with something completely abstract, like “we often take for granted that what truly matters,” the viewers will have difficulty aligning the audio with the visual. Until the narration explains what the books are there for, they will subconsciously wonder, “Why are there books?”

On the other hand, if the narration starts with something that instantly describes the visuals, like “these books represent a generous contribution to children’s education,” the audience gets it immediately. Instead of writing a script and then matching the video to it—as Long Beach video production companies used to do—it’s now better to come up with a storyboard or outline, shoot the visuals, and then develop the script to better narrate the video.

3 Different Marketing Videos Provide 3 Different Results

It may seem like there are at least a dozen different types of marketing videos out there; animated explainer videos, how-to videos, product videos, testimonial videos, and so on. As a new marketer or as someone just starting out with video marketing, it can get pretty confusing. Selecting the best one for your campaign may seem like a daunting task, but once you figure out the three basic classifications for marketing videos, it gets easier.

Videos that make use of screen captures or screen recordings are called Screencast Marketing Videos. They’re best for showing people how to navigate through your website, how to install and run applications, and other online or program-based tutorials.

Marketing videos, on the other hand, that make use of 2D graphics or animations are Animated Explainer Videos. These videos are the best way to quickly and creatively tell a story or explain a product. Long Beach video production companies also use animated videos to provide visual examples that may be difficult to capture or show using actual people and/or location shots.

And on that note, videos using actual people and locations are simply classified as Live Videos. These types of videos are quite versatile. They are also, as Semrush puts it, the most involved type of videos, and can take the form of testimonials, live interviews, scripted “true to life” stories, live video streams, virtual tours, and the like. Live marketing videos are great for establishing brand trust and relatability through empathy.

Quality Video Production Takes Time

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many marketers expect a video to be done within 24 to 48 hours. Starting from scratch, this is doable, but it’s not going to yield the results you want. Making a quality video requires time for retakes, script adjustment, setup, editing, and review. Even animated videos and screencast videos need to be edited and reviewed before reveal. Setting realistic expectations for your production team can avoid frustrations.

If you’re a company with an in-house video production team, a 24- to 48-hour deadline is slightly more realistic, seeing as your team is dedicated to your brand, and your brand alone. However, when working with a third-party Long Beach video production company, you need to remember that they have other projects alongside yours. They will need at least a whole day to finish location set-up and shooting. Five days to a week for a video from scratch is a more suitable deadline, and it gives space for corrections and modifications.