3 Signs You Need To Cancel Your Contract With Your Video Production Company

A third-party video production company can offer you a number of benefits an in-house production team can’t compete with. Cutting-edge equipment, for one, and targeted focus, for another. Whereas in-house production teams are limited by your budget, physical space, and head count, third-party production companies have teams dedicated to specific phases of the production process. They’re essentially an all-in-one deal, where you’re more or less getting a discount for the full package.

As with everything, you have the good, the decent, and the downright horrible. The latter is the one you want to steer clear of. These are the companies that can bring nothing good for you, your digital/online presence, and your business altogether.

But with so many well-versed in the art of charm and putting up a professional front, how do you know the company you’re working with is bad news? Thankfully, there are some signs.


Your Video Production Company Specializes in Everything

Video production companies are supposed to focus on one thing and one thing only: video production. And before you roll your eyes and say duh, there are a lot of digital marketing companies out there that offer video production as just one of their products – not their main one. Most are generally upfront about it, but there are some who say they specialize in video production when, actually, their focus is more on social media management, graphics production, or generally something other.

Sticking with a company that is a jack of all trades, master of none kind of deal means you’re at risk of working with people who aren’t actually the cream of the crop in their field. Their work will either be sub-par for the price you’re paying them, or they could end up hiring their own third-party editors to work on your project – a team that doesn’t know your business well enough.


Your Video Production Company Sucks at Communication

Communication is key to any successful marketing campaign – especially when working with third-party or outsourced talent. It’s generally understand that any correspondence you send them should be answered within regular business hours. In the case of video production companies outside your timezone, a half day’s wait is understandable.

If the company you’re working with takes two to three days to answer a simple email or return a phone call, you might want to start looking elsewhere.


Your Video Production Company Wants to Make Movies

Let’s get one thing straight here: marketing videos are not movies. You’re not here to impress the artistically-inclined or the hipster-oriented (unless they’re your target market…) with hour-long clips of artful shots, thick plot, and character development. You’re here to raise brand awareness, build your client base, and get your products out there.

If you have to use artful shots, thick plot, and character development to do all that, then fine. But the end goal is still brand awareness. One way or another, these elements should work together to engage your audience and help them remember your name in a positive light.

Many a video production company will focus so much on the aesthetic and audio quality of their videos, they forget that they’re producing marketing videos. While some are happy to make adjustments to suit your specific needs, there will always be that one video production company that refuses to change its “artistic” ways. If you’re working with a company like that, cut your contract ASAP.

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