3 Rules of Corporate Video Production

3 Things to Remember for Effective Corporate Video Production


As the title suggests, corporate videos are one of those things where you need to get it right on the first step, or else you risk ruining every subsequent step thereafter. It’s easy to forget, seeing as we tend to take the power of video for granted. But if you want a successful marketing campaign under your belt, here are three must-not-be-missed rules for corporate video production:



Instead of writing “Adopt a Puppy Today!” in a classic black-text-on-white-background slide, Caraphil.org did something different; they used a picture of a dog with the biggest, most pleading puppy eyes ever staring straight into the camera. The caption was simple: you see a dog. He sees a home.

The reason people would rather watch videos is the simple concept of show, don’t tell. Humans are less likely to retain information given to them via verbal or written instruction. However, using imagery (we are a race that depends heavily on visual stimuli) and illustrations can cause the message to really stick. If you use visual scenery that engages an emotional connection with the audience, even better.

Instead of saying something like; our company has helped fifty thousand families to date, throw in choice sections of testimonials gathered from said families. Rather than talk about how cutting-edge and ergonomic your office space is, show panning shots.

A good rule of thumb is to never disregard the power of striking images. Corporate videos are audio-visual representations of your brand and company, and are meant to engage the audience in that way.


You may be selling yourself, but there’s a fine line between building reliability and just plain bragging. Your focus should be on the customer, not on you, your company, and/or what makes you so great. Corporate video production is all about how you can solve the customer’s problem. That’s all they really care about.

Yes, you can build your credibility by talking about yourself, but if you don’t mention a clear how and why you can help the customer a minute in to your video, you’ve lost them. Unfortunately, a lot of corporate videos fail to realize this. They spend the first part of the video talking about their company’s achievements. The actual offer to help happens at the end. By that time, the viewer has already moved on.

Do not fall victim to this. Open with an acknowledgment or statement of the customer’s problem, and then let them know you can and are willing to help. Build your brand in under thirty seconds or so, but make sure you spend a majority of the video focusing on the customer and little else.


In this age of technology, communication, and social media, speech is freer than ever. People can now share opinions on matters they feel strongly about, and they’re assured at least one person will hear them. Hour-long internet debates on forums and comment sections have been sparked by one simple posted opinion. Moral of the story? Opinions matter, and people are led by passion, not logic. In the oppressive crush of opposing beliefs, it can be a breath of fresh air to find someone who feels as strongly as you do.

Therefore, a golden rule in corporate video production is; do not be afraid to tell your customers why you do what you do. Don’t be afraid to let them know your beliefs, your opinions, and your passion. Why are you in this field? Why does your company exist, and what does it hope to achieve? What do you believe in, as a collective? We like to believe that we are rational beings, but honestly? Almost every buying decision is decided by emotion.



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