3 Reasons Why Outsourcing to Los Angeles Video Production Companies May Be Your Smartest Move Yet

Before we dive into the whole in-house versus outsourced argument, we’d like to point out that no definitive answer exists for this argument. It really usually just depends on what you and your business needs. That said, the whole point of this article is simply to list the benefits you—as an entrepreneur or marketer—would get should you opt to outsource all your video needs to Los Angeles video production companies.

The argument for in-house production team is solid; you have more control over your production process, the team working on your videos understand your company’s mission and vision intimately, and last-minute edits or adjustments can be done within minutes. However, there are cons to having your own people do your videos. In terms of budget, system, and downtime, outsourcing definitely has the upper hand.

Lets You Redirect Your Focus Elsewhere

Having an in-house production team means another item on your daily to-do. Even if you have a dedicated head for the video production department, you’d still need to meet with him—perhaps daily!—to get a status report. You need to know what they’re working on, what they need to produce better output, and if they have any challenges or issues that may impeded their efficiency.

If they do have challenges or roadblocks, your next step is to find out how to deal with them so that quality and deliverability aren’t affected. This means redirecting part of your resources—time, effort, and finances—towards this area of your business. This is true for any department, whether marketing, accounting, or sales, but you can choose not to go through this for video production. Third-party production houses give you the option redirect your attention to pressing matters other than video.

Save Money and Time on Employee Payroll

Felicity Whelan, the managing director of Glue Content, points out that when you hire a reputable Los Angeles video production company, you “allow yourself to be more flexible with your budget and with your content marketing calendar.” Instead of adding several new employees to your payroll—because video production needs more than one specialist—and having to worry about benefits, salaries, and tax deductions, you simply pay a one-time fee for services rendered.

As with your focus, the extra money you save per month can be redirected wherever else you see fit.

More Tech and Resources

Seeing as it’s literally the only thing they offer and specialize in, Los Angeles video production houses are usually better equipped for the process. Vidyard even notes “much larger pool of production equipment” as one of the pros of outsourcing.

This is also another example of how paying Los Angeles video production companies instead can save you money over time. You won’t have to stretch your budget buying equipment such as cameras, lighting rigs, boom microphones, tripods, and the like. You also won’t have to pay licensing fees for editing programs, stock footage, and music. And as far as maintenance goes, having your own in-house production equipment can prove costly in the long run.

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