3 Reasons Paying For Premium Video Production Might Be Worth It

You’re definitely familiar with the good ol’ “you get what you pay for,” adage, or perhaps the more recent, “You pay peanuts, you get monkeys,” idiom. It’s a fact of the world we live in that top-quality items will always cost a little more. Whether you’re paying for products, services, or people (hence the existence of a talent fee), skimping on dollars means skimping on quality.

A lot of people argue, however, that higher-priced doesn’t always mean higher-quality, and vice-versa. And this is true. There will always be exceptions to the rule. Like that drugstore make-up dupe that’s just as good as its hundred-dollar counterpart, you can get nice things on a budget.

But if your business or brand-name is on the line, is it really worth cutting costs?


Professional-Looking Videos Can Give Incredible ROI

It’s so often proven right that the bigger the investment, the greater the yield. Paying an extra hundred bucks or so for professional video production can convert more customers than a video that looks like it was done by a ten-year-old who discovered Adobe AfterEffects for the first time.

Beautiful videos can engage thousands more users than lousy ones, and that alone already gives you a sizable number to work with as you make your way down the engage-to-educate-to-convert process. If 40% of viewers brought in via video ask about a product, and only 10% actually buy said product, larger numbers means more customers, which means more profit for you.

An expensive video may be worth it if it can bring in 1,000 new views for you; 400 people get curious, 100 people buy. It doesn’t matter if you saved a couple bucks on a cheaper video, if all it brings in for you are 100 views. Fact remains that that number could have been higher.


Quality Builds Trust

If you’ve ever come across a commercial, music video, or infomercial that was so bad, you felt second-hand embarrassment for the actors, producers, and brand itself, then you already know where this is heading.

If a brand is presented cheaply, there’s no way you’d feel comfortable giving them your money. It feels like the equivalent of driving down a dark, unpaved side road off the main highway, just because there’s a ‘hotel vacancy’ sign pointed down it. It might be worth it, but you’re going to feel nervous the whole way there.


You Want A Video That Leaves Impact

Otherwise it’s just a video.

Anyone can make a video, especially given today’s technology. Anyone with a Smartphone and an editing app or software can shoot a thirty-seconder and upload it to just about every social platform known to man. That’s easy.

What you’re paying for is quality video production so that your video will stand out. You’re paying for top-grade equipment, professionalism, passion, and skill. You’re paying for a proven marketing tool to give you the results you want; conversions, sales boosts, brand awareness – the whole package.

Some of today’s biggest brands – think Shopify and Dropbox – experienced enormous growth within a year thanks to a well-edited explainer video. Dropbox alone went from 0 to 100 million users worldwide, all thanks to 2 minutes of professionally planned, professionally executed video footage.

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