3 Novel Ways to Use Videos to Boost Your Business

Any endeavor that involves creativity is sure to hit a wall at some point – something that keeps the person involved from coming up with new angles, new things to discuss or present. It’s the same when it comes to explainer videos and the like. After you talk about your company, its products and services, there doesn’t seem to be much else you can do to use videos for your business.

Fortunately, that’s not true. There are other ways you can use include videos in your business, and they go beyond explainer videos. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Contact a customer one-to-one. You can use a video as, say, a welcome message when new customers subscribe to your company’s newsletter. Or you can use a video to encourage people to leave feedback when they cancel their use of a service. It doesn’t have to be a long video, either; even a minute-long video will leave an impact.

While such videos might be something of a canned response, the fact remains that you tried to engage the customer directly and on a personal level. This will improve their user experience, and they’ll be more likely to recommend your company to people they know, not to mention they’ll stick with you for longer.

  1. Post product or service updates. Let’s face it –people don’t always want to read, and if they do, it has to engage them within the first paragraph. Visual media is more likely to catch someone’s attention, and you can use this to your advantage when you want your customers to know you’re working to improve a product or service. That way, they’re not left hanging and wondering about possible updates; instead, they’ll know about the incident, as directly as possible from you.
  2. Promote upcoming events. You could be hosting your first webinar, or there’s a question-and-answer coming up. Either way, you want your customers to know there’s something coming up that may interest them. There’s only so much you can fit into graphics or text, so videos are the best way to go when it comes to promotion of such an event as a talk or live interview.

Such promotional videos – they’re a bit like explainer videos only you’re not going to be talking any product or service in particular – can help drum up more interest in the event than if you relied only on text updates and the like.

There are other ways to use videos for your business, such as releasing short clips from a longer video to get people interested in an upcoming video you will be posting; including short videos in your email signature; or giving the first clue in an online scavenger hunt (related to your business, of course) with certain freebies as prizes for the winners.

However else you decide to put your videos to use in your business, it’s best that you don’t treat them solely as money-making ventures; use them instead as another means to interact with your customers.