3 Corporate Video Production Trends You May Not Have Tried Yet

Following trends is imperative for any marketer who wants to stay on top, but actually moving from theory to practice is a hit-or-miss in most cases. There are dozens of businesses who have tried incorporating corporate video trends in their marketing only to see little or no results. This is to be expected; following corporate video production trends doesn’t automatically guarantee a viral video. You have to factor in timing, distribution, audience, and other marketing elements.

However, not all trends are a risk factor. There are some that are fairly easy to pull off and can, in fact, guarantee a spike in interest and engagement amongst your consumer base. We’ve rounded up several that are looking to be pretty successful this 2017.

Live Streaming

Corporate video production is no longer exclusively for pre-recorded content. Livestream platforms have gained popularity thanks to this generation’s sudden affinity for live, on-the-spot footage. People enjoy being part of a live event, and livestreaming simply capitalizes on that.

Treat your customers and followers to a Q&A session with you and your team where they can ask questions and get answers real-time. You can also use the airtime to address common concerns or frequently asked questions. This is a great way to show that you value full transparency with your consumers. The fact that you’re not hiding behind template emails or automated answering systems can also do wonders for your brand trust.

You can also do a live unveiling of a new product. That’s what Activision and Bungie did to reveal the highly-anticipated sequel to their first-person shooter MMO “Destiny.” They hosted a livestream on Twitch to reveal the gameplay trailer for Destiny 2 and the changes players could expect with the new instalment.

Personalized Video Messages

If you’re a small business, sending personalized video messages for every inquiry or shoutout should be fairly easy. The more customers you have, of course, the more difficult this can be. A good alternative is to screen your messages instead and only send personalized videos to your consumers during special occasions, such as holidays and birthdays.

You can also keep a log of your more loyal customers and only send them videos for special events. Set the parameters for what defines a loyal customer (someone who’s purchased from you five or more times maybe, or someone who constantly likes and comments on your social media posts). Do your best to find out information like their date of birth, personal email address, or phone number. Sometimes just asking for it outright can get results. Explain that you only want it so you can send them updates from time to time (remember to emphasize that you will not spam them—people hate that).

Once you have their information, make good on your promise not to spam. Only send them videos when you feel the need calls for it. A video a month should be fine, but one a week might be overdoing it. You want to nurture, not annoy. For instance, you can make them feel like they’re part of an exclusive group by informing them about product launches or promotions a week or two before you announce it publicly.

Passenger Seat Videos

As the name suggests, these are videos that are meant to be shot from the perspective of a passenger. That means the camera is either trained on the driver or on the road. This format makes for an excellent diary-style video or vlog. A vlog (shorthand for “video blog”) is another corporate video production trend that is widely enjoyable as it promotes a casual, more relaxed setting between the viewer and the subject of the video. The constant movement of the car keeps the video from becoming stagnant and boring, as the ever-changing scenery can provide an interesting point of interest while the driver talks.

A good example of this is James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke series, where he invites celebrity singers to ride in his car. He then proceeds to drive them around town as he alternates between interviewing them and singing with them. The series is funny, showcases some brilliant talent, and is a real treat to watch for fans and music-lovers. The car setting just makes it that much more unique.

You can incorporate this into your video content or marketing strategy by filming a video blog once a week as you drive to or from work. You can use this as a chance to inform your viewers of upcoming changes or item releases. You can discuss discontinued items or products that you’re thinking of changing. Keep it as casual and as unrehearsed as possible by addressing your phone like you would an actual passenger. Don’t worry if the commute gets too long—professional video editing services are also part and parcel of corporate video production.

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