The gap between concept and execution is a wide one. In the case of video production, it can be a canyon. Even self-produced videos don’t quite match up to the vision the marketers has in their mind. Still, the production process is a tricky one, but not impossible. The first step to getting that perfect video is eliminating the flaws in the system. Don’t worry; even veteran video marketers make mistakes with their chosen Orange County video production teams. The trick is in recognizing the mistake and fixing it before it becomes instinctive.

Outsourcing The Script To A Different Contractor

You already have your third-party production team. You know your business better than anyone. Most Orange County video production houses will also require a good deal of information about your business to better understand your message and produce the video. So why waste time and money hiring a completely different person or team to write the script when you already have people around who can handle it just as effectively?

Your script does not need to be complex. In fact, Vidyard lists this as a common mistake in video production. Technical scripts can overwhelm a viewer, to the point of discouraging them from finishing the video. If you’re not too confident with your script writing, you can opt for “writing to video.” Have a rough outline of your message and how you want to produce it, shoot the visuals first, and then adjust the script or narration to match the video.

Many production companies have their own scriptwriters, and will be more than happy to edit the script to something that suits.

Choosing Tech Over Talent

A lot of people choose Orange County video production companies with cutting-edge tech and high-end cameras. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, most marketers make the mistake of choosing the production house based solely on their equipment.

Remember to take a look at their experience, portfolio, and previous projects, too. The latest and greatest in editing programs and lighting kits are still just tools, and they only truly shine in the hands of people who know how to use them.

Cramming Too Much In Too Little

Shorter videos pack a more effective punch than longer videos. 60 to 90 seconds are good lengths to start with. 120 seconds can be safely effective too, as long as the video is engaging enough.

However, most people make the mistake of sticking to that rule too closely, and it doesn’t always work. Cutting down a 10-minute video to just 2 minutes may detract from the full message. Likewise, cramming a message worth 10 minutes into 120 seconds will overwhelm the audience. Only focus on the pertinent parts you want consumers to know: who you are, how you can help them, and where they can go for more information.

If your message is too big to compress, Vidyard suggests chunking it down into several different topics and creating a video or two for each topic. Your Orange County video production company can then turn it into a series of smaller, more digestible videos that will be easier to watch and understand.