2021 Video Marketing Trends & Statistics From The Top Production Companies in Los Angeles

Without a doubt, 2020 was one unpredictable year. Although some trends pre-pandemic did end up coming to light, there were those that did not. But with another year comes another set of trends. Will the trends shaped by 2020 continue for the next 12 months? Top production companies in Los Angeles answer this question with a new set of video marketing trends for 2021 listed below:

#1 Live-streaming

Live-streams are a form of forced adaptation presented by last year. Since all in-person events were canceled, people turned to live-streaming. In fact, Facebook revealed a 50% spike in their live viewings during the lockdown periods and 70% for Instagram. There is also Amazon Live, where brands and influencers hosted live-streamed events in promoting their products and services.

#2 Goodwill Campaigns

When running goodwill campaigns, it’s important that consumers see this as a sincere drive by a brand. It’s an honest and transparent strategy that will earn the trust of the customers, a pivotal aspect for the year 2021. Although it is not new for brands to host goodwill campaigns, they will have to step up their game in these troubled times.

#3 User-generated content (UGC)

In 2021, forging relationships with customers and providing social proof are two themes that will stand out. With UGC, these two will be made possible. It creates memorable and enjoyable experiences that customers will appreciate. One of its highlights is its ability to help brands in generating more content despite the stay-at-home protocols and other restrictive measures.

#4 Sustainability

This is a trend that a brand can integrate into their goodwill campaigns, especially when about 81% of consumers agree that companies must go green. Customers seek out and prefer brands that are conscious about the environment and are purpose-driven to create a more sustainable future.

#5 Inclusivity

Brands that are involved in inclusive causes establish a deeper connection with their consumers. It has an impact on their purchase behaviour wherein shoppers are found to switch brands when previous brands do not show diversity or have a completely different view from them. A good example:the Black Lives Matter movement.

The year 2020 has presented a new set of trends that has forced brands to adapt and think of ways on how to connect with their customers now more than ever. Is your brand ready for these trends? Let top production companies in Los Angeles like Brandefy help you out.

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